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Articles | Exclusive Discounts

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If you tour the kitchen at a world renowned restaurant, you’re very likely to see the Everpure name. Everpure is the industry leader that professional chefs trust most for excellence in water filtration. Essential Services partners with Australia’s largest food and beverage operators to deliver ingredient quality water every day. This same expertise is available to you to achieve the best quality water at home for drinking, cooking and much more.

Foodservice Water Filters

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Why Filter Water?
Have you considered how much of your beverages contain water?

Water is an unknown and unpredictable ingredient. As it travels from the source to your tap, it collects organics, silt, metals and minerals from pipework and fittings delivering them to your food and beverages. Chlorine plays an essential role in the journey of water; it kills organics, tastes and aromas in the water to ensure it’s safe to drink. But it gets eager…Read more

Water Filters: Buy a Water Filter Online in Australia from Essential Services

Did you know that the single most important ingredient foodservice businesses use is water? Water filtration is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. Essential Services provides a range of water filtration products designed to help you deliver the best possible service to your customers.

The importance of water filters in Australia

Ice is one of the most obvious things affected by water quality. Ice has many uses in foodservice, from cooling drinks to chilling seafood in display cases. It’s vital that your ice is made from properly filtered water to avoid contaminants such as chlorine and sediment that can affect its taste and appearance. Substances such as sediment and minerals can also build up in ice machines, leading to expensive and time-consuming maintenance issues. These problems can be avoided most of the time by using a high-quality water filtration system.

Ice machines aren’t the only equipment you can protect when you buy a water filter. For example, steamers and combi-ovens, which both cook with steam, are affected by the quality of the water you use. So are coffee makers – not to mention the coffee itself. Specialty coffee is a rapidly growing industry, and consumers are more aware than ever of what makes a good cup of coffee. They’ll be able to taste the difference, so be sure to serve them the best.

The bottom line is that whether you’re using a coffee maker, an ice maker, or another piece of equipment that requires water to operate, make sure the water is as clean, clear, and as fresh as possible with a water filtration system from Essential Services.

Water filters for home use

Foodservice businesses are just one of the places water filtration systems make a difference. Water filters in Australia also have a place in private homes. When you filter your water at home, you achieve several purposes. First, you’ll save money on bottled water while you provide your family with fresh, clean water year after year. You’ll also protect your appliances from the wear and tear unfiltered water can cause due to sediment and mineral build-up. You and your family will love the sparkling clean taste of adequately filtered water, and you’ll protect your health as well. Buy a water filter today and see the positive impact it can have on your quality of life.

Buy a water filter online from Essential Services

At Essential Services, we provide a range of water filtration systems for commercial and home use. Filtered water is better than bottled because it reduces waste and costs much less over time. It is often also better in quality and taste. Filtered water tastes great and is an excellent way to get more water into your diet as well as satisfy your customers with the best-quality beverages and food products. Improperly filtered or unfiltered water can have unfavourable effects on all aspects of your operation, so make the best choice – choose a water filtration system from Essential Services and experience the advantages for yourself.