Benchtop Household Water Filter For Home

Benefits of Installing a Household or Benchtop Water Filter for Home Use

For the most part, tap water in Australia is safe to drink. However, many residents choose to take extra precautions to ensure that the water their families consume is as clean as possible. That’s one reason bottled water sales continue to increase – and also why these plastic bottles have become such a burden on our environment (and our budgets). To take better care of the planet and save money on bottled water, more and more consumers are turning to home water filtration systems.

Whole of house water filtration systems make the water in your home cleaner and safer for drinking and bathing. A benchtop water filter offers significant advantages by helping to purify water for food preparation while whole of house systems clean the water before it enters your home. This makes all the water you come into contact with at home as clean and fresh as it can be whether you’re drinking, cooking, showering, or watering your plants. There are numerous surprising benefits to using a household water filter – here are a few of the most important ones.

It can improve your health and quality of life

The quality of your water affects the quality of your life in ways you may not have considered. Good-quality water can improve your skin and hair health and make your food and beverages taste better. If you are sensitive to chlorine, as many people are, you may even notice fewer irritations such as headaches and red eyes. These are just a few of the ways in which filtered water can improve your life.

It can save you money

The cost of buying bottled water or replacing individual water filters can add up quickly. If you drink only bottled water or follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on replacing filters, you’ll be spending quite a bit more than you may have bargained for on these items. When you choose a whole of house water filter for your home instead, you’ll save big over time.

It can save your appliances

Even if your tap water appears completely clean and clear, it contains minerals and sediment that come in through the pipes. This is normal, but over the years, these materials build up and cause damage to pipes and appliances that use water. Water heaters are particularly likely to sustain this type of damage. Home water filtration systems can deliver clean, clear water with dramatically reduced levels of these materials and help protect your water heater, dishwasher, fridge, coffee maker, and more.

Where to buy a household water filter

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