Catering Equipment

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Essential Services maintains and repairs all leading brands of commercial catering equipment. We are an authorised warranty service repair agent for most leading brands of commercial catering equipment in Australia.
We specialise in working with clients from the hospitality sector and understand that if your equipment is not working efficiently then it’s costing you money. Regular servicing prolongs the life of your equipment and ensures consistent performance.
Being an authorised service agent ensures all of our service technicians are trained and accredited to perform the necessary service work as well as perform warranty works. It also means we have quick access to service parts for your equipment. We stock a large range of spare parts so we can repair most of your equipment the first time we visit.
Essential Services are the leaders in catering equipment repairs in Canberra and the surrounding regions. We can provide expert advice on how to maximise the life of your kitchen equipment and services. So if you operate or manage a commercial kitchen and the associated services please give us a call today.