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Schnitzel, chips and salad; the go-to-meal at any cafe & pub for a quick meal. It’s not just the humble schnitzel; every kid loves chicken nuggets and chips, or a spaghetti bolognese.

But how do you balance making the right amount, at the right intervals, to avoid food waste, or on the flip side, a waiting customer?
Cold or dry food is lost profit, and waiting customers hurts repeat business and word of mouth.

The solution is Duke product holding units. They’re not hot trays. They contain industry  leading technology to control air venting, moisture & humidity and temperature to ensure food is absolutely perfect the minute you serve.

Unmatched Versatility

Different configurations available to meet your space, menu mix and through-put needs. Holds full size sheet pans and 4" deep steamtable pans.

Simple Operation

Eliminates water from the holding process, Easy to clean, Individual compartments controlled independently

Innovative Controls

Innovative timer bars facilitate individual compartment management. Intuitive web programming feature enables simple reprogramming via USB drive

Speed to Serve

Pass-Through design to access product from both sides or just one.

Proven Heatsink Technology

Heatsink successfully implemented in over 35,000 restaurants worldwide. Heats food product from 3 sides. Lid system available to manage humidity

Improved Food Quality

Proven to effectively hold baked and moisture sensitive products. No flavor transfer. Extends hold times reducing food waste

Heat Sink Technology

The key to the incomparable performance of Duke’s Product Holding Units is our exclusive HeatSink technology. Duke’s “HeatSink” is made of extruded aluminum, shaped to fit the contour of each holding unit pan, as well as to hold the solid or vented cover in place over the pan.

The HeatSink stores a tremendous amount of energy, yet because it wraps around all three sides of the pan, the solid extruded aluminum surface allows the heat to be conducted uniformly across the surface of the pan and directly into the food. This gives the HeatSink the ability to eliminate hot and cold spots while supplying steady, gentle heat to the food in each pan. In turn, your food stays at its “just cooked” peak of flavor, temperature and texture for up to 66% longer than conventional holding methods.

Passive Venting

Provides a non-mechanically controlled form of adjusting heat profiles in the space. It allows hot, stale, moist air to escape without influence.

Holding Technologies


Heat is transferred directly to the pan and then to the food. Conduction uses physical contact to transfer heat.

Active Venting

Provides a mechanically controlled form of adjusting heat profiles in the space. It removes hot, stale, moist air using a fan.


Heat is transferred through the air to the food. A fan can be used to distribute heat around the food, removing the blanket of cool air that surrounds the food.


Allows for precise humidity adjustments for moisture sensitive food. Humidity control lets you remove excess moisture from the food.

Product Holding Units

Duke FWM Units

Compact Pans for Small Food Component Holding such as Chicken Nuggets, Burger Patties and Chicken Strips.

Duke HSHU Units

Stepping up from FWM, the HSHU allows you to hold a full pan of the particular product offering increased capacity, or catering for larger food items.

Duke MUHC Units

The MUHC is the ultimate in flexibility allowing you to hold any sized pan and a range or trays for biscuits etc.

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