Choose Genuine EVERPURE Filter

Everpure has been leading the water filtration industry since 1933, Delivering commercial filtration to the food and beverage industry. That same commercial quality is also available for you at home to produce bottled quality water from any tap in your home.

There are numerous Everpure copies claiming to have the same quality, reliability, technology and performance as Everpure. If it were true, the global food and hospitality industry would trust them too. Yet every day, Australia’s biggest brands in food and beverage like McDonald’s, Gloria Jeans, and Schweppes choose genuine Everpure filters. Everpure filters deliver commercial-grade ingredient water that is consistent, reliable and the quality that comes from a crafted metal canister.

How to Choose Genuine Everpure at home

Here are just a handful of imitation copy filters you will see available. Common imitations are the Purtec PureMix X6, the Water Filters Australia Premium (C-B-Premium), the Water Filters Australia Platinum (C-B-Platinum) and the Omnipure E5515 SB.

Essential Services Group

You can replace these filters with Genuine Everpure by selecting from two commercial-grade Everpure filters. You will also find that buying genuine is not much more expensive, because Essential Services is an Everpure master distributor.

Essential Services GroupEssential Services Group

Everpure PBS-200

The Everpure PBS-200 is a premium, high flow rate, compact water filter for home. It features next-generation Fibredyne® filter media for high capacity and low-pressure drop reduction of sediment, cysts, chlorine taste and odour and much more down to 0.5 of a micron.  View in Store

Everpure EF-1500

The Everpure EF-1500 features the same commercial-grade filtration as the PBS-200 while also reducing lead and the formation of scale in water-using appliances. View in Store

Suggested Replacements

Water Filters Australia Premium (C-B-Premium) – Replace with Everpure PBS-200

Water Filters Australia Platinum (C-B-Platinum) – Replace with Everpure PBS-200 or Everpure EF-1500 to Upgrade

WFA12 – Replace with Everpure PBS-200

Purtec PureMix X6 – Replace with Everpure PBS-200

Omnipure E5515 SB – Replace with Everpure PBS-200

Essential Services is a National Master Distributor or Everpure Water Filters. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in between, we can ship express directly to your door.