Claris Water Filters – Sydney & Perth, Australia

Restaurant Owners: Protect Your Equipment with Claris Water Filters in Sydney, Perth and throughout Australia

Opening a restaurant is an expensive proposition. Not only do you have to renovate and prepare a building for daily dining crowds, but you also have to obtain all the necessary licences and permits, spend money on advertising and buy food and drink supplies on a consistent, ongoing basis. Of course, one of the biggest investments you will make up front is the equipment. From the ovens to the stoves to the dishwashers to the drink dispensers, getting all the necessary equipment for a restaurant opening is no small expense.

A Matter of Taste

Because you have to spend so much on equipment to get your restaurant to the point where it is ready to open, it might be tempting to cut costs on replacement parts and components later. One prime example is water filtration. Fountain drink systems, coffee machines and even tap water systems need proper filtration to ensure that beverages taste great every time.

For every drink that arrives at your restaurant ready to pour and serve (beer, wine and liquor, mostly), other beverages require tap water to be mixed and prepared. Unfiltered water can affect your guests’ enjoyment of most of the beverages you serve, including table water, coffee, tea, soft drinks and many mixed cocktails.

Skimping on water filter replacements, then, means skimping on a major part of your customer experience. Essential Services can help you avoid this pitfall. We are Australia’s leading supplier of Everpure water filtration systems. So if your business needs a replacement pack of Claris water filters in Perth or Sydney, we are the company to call.

How Replacing the Claris Water Filters in Your Sydney Restaurant Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Replacing water filters on a regular basis isn’t just important because guests will be able to taste the difference. On the contrary, while buying Claris water filters for your Perth restaurant every six to nine months might seem like a cost you might be able to cut, skipping these replacements can and will cost you in the long run.

Over time, unfiltered water can have a variety of extremely adverse effects on most pieces of restaurant equipment. Think about all of the systems in your restaurant that use water. Coffee machines, soft drink dispensers, drink taps, ice machines, dishwashers, steam ovens: all of these pieces of equipment require water to work properly. Using unfiltered water with these systems, though, can result in abrasion, scale build-up, corrosion and other similar problems. In other words, unfiltered water can irreparably damage the equipment you spent so much money on when your restaurant opened. Moreover, this type of water damage can void your warranty coverage, leaving you with busted equipment and no ideal recourse to fix it.

The best course of action is to avoid this type of water damage in the first place, which means investing in regular water filter replacements. If you use Claris water filters from Everpure, then Essential Services can help. We stock a complete range of Claris water filters and can ship them anywhere in Australia. Call us on 1300 361 528 to inquire about a particular filter.