Everpure 2CB-GW – Sydney & Perth, Australia

Ensure Excellent Coffee and Beverage Taste with the Everpure 2CB-GW, Available in Sydney, Perth and throughout Australia from Essential Services

Picture this scenario: you’re on vacation and exploring an unfamiliar city when you wander past a pleasant smelling café. You stop in for a welcome cup of coffee and ask for a glass of water while you wait for the waiter or waitress to bring your drink. When you take a sip of the water, though, you find that it tastes positively horrific—a dreadful mix of chlorine, rotten eggs and metal. Needless to say, that first taste of water was not a good first impression, and you’re suddenly worrying about that coffee you ordered. After all, if it’s mixed with the same awful water, then it could end up tasting just as bad.

So many of us have lived through this scenario that trying the water before ordering a coffee, tea or soft drink is a go-to precaution for many restaurant and café patrons. If you own and operate a restaurant or coffee shop, then, it is your responsibility to make sure that your customers never have this experience. You want your water to taste good and carry no offensive odours—not just because a sip of table water is often the first impression that customers get of your business, but also because how water the tastes can affect how most of your other beverages taste as well.

How to Access a Better, More Consistent Taste for Coffee, Water and Other Beverages

The question is, how can you ensure that you are always serving (and using) purer water at your restaurant or coffee shop. The answer is the right water filtration solution. At Essential Services, we are the national foodservice master distributor for all water filtration systems and products from the Everpure brand. We currently supply Everpure filter heads/manifolds and filtration elements to major clients such as McDonald’s, Hungry Jack’s, Gloria Jeans and Schweppes—to name a few.

If you need a water filter for coffee making purposes at your Sydney or Perth business, the Everpure 2CB-GW is a good choice. We consider the Everpure 2CB-GW the best all-around filter for coffee vending available in Australia. The filter will reduce the chlorine taste and odour in water, remove dirt and other debris from the water and help prevent the limescale buildups that can harm coffee machines. It will also remove other contaminants from water, ensuring better taste and smell every time.

This consistency of taste is crucial when it comes to coffee especially. Particularly if you are running a coffee shop that specialises in gourmet beans and varieties, you want to give the taste of your coffee its best chance of making an impression. Mixing the coffee with the right water is an essential step to ensure that you are giving your customers a superior product. Using an Everpure 2CB-GW at your coffee shop in Perth or Sydney will allow you to make every cup of coffee with the same sparkling clean and great tasting water.

Shop for Everpure 2CB-GW and Other Filters Online in Australia

At Essential Services, we carry the Everpure 2CB-GW and a range of other water filters online in Australia. If you need help picking out the right filter for your Everpure head—or purchasing an Everpure head to start filtering in the first place—feel free to call us on 1300 361 528.