Everpure 2FC – Perth & Sydney, Australia

Get the Best Home Water Filtration Possible, with the Everpure 2FC—Available in Perth, Sydney and throughout Australia

Perhaps you are looking into adding a house-wide water filtration system at your home, or maybe your existing filter is clogging up, and you need to replace it. Either way, if you are on the hunt for the most robust home water filter on the market, look no further than the Everpure 2FC, available from Australia’s Essential Services. This water filter has a high capacity for sediment and chemicals and will remove the vast majority of the impurities in your home’s tap water. The result is better tasting water that is more healthy for you.

Understanding the Many Benefits of Water Filtration in the Home

Having a whole-house water filtration system can deliver numerous advantages—and not just regarding health. On the contrary, filtered water isn’t just better for the human body, but it is also kinder to your wallet and more convenient than other methods of avoiding impure tap water. Furthermore, by purchasing the Everpure 2FC in Perth or Sydney, you will be getting a filter that extends the lifespan of your filter head while still delivering sterling results.

Here are a few of the benefits that you can expect from adopting the Everpure 2FC:

  • Fewer health complications from your water: Depending on where you live and how your house is set up to receive water, the level of contaminants in your tap water can vary. However, tap water will often include high levels of chlorine and other impurities like cryptosporidium and giardia. Everpure water filters can remove up to 99.5% of contaminants from drinking water, significantly reducing your risk for illnesses. This type of defence is of particular importance for protecting children from the many toxins found in an average glass of tap water.
  • More affordable than bottled water: Some families avoid tap water by always keeping bottled water in the house. But bottled water can get expensive over time, and isn’t even entirely pure. On the contrary, studies have shown that bottled water has its own contaminants, from fertiliser to caffeine to the chemicals used to treat the water. Plus, the plastic water bottles themselves tend to leach more chemicals into the water over time. Add the huge amount of waste that plastic bottles creates—even if you recycle liberally in your household—and using a whole-house water filter is undoubtedly the cheaper, healthier and more sustainable option.
  • The Everpure 2FC will make your filter head last longer: If you already have an Everpure filter head, the 2FC filter is the ideal replacement for older home models like S-54, H-54, ADC, WFA12, SPA-400, PBS-400. If you are buying your first Everpure filter, the 2FC is the perfect choice for how it will prevent bacterial growth on both the filter and the filter head. In other words, using the 2FC inhibits unwanted growths that can reduce the lifespan of water filtration system components.

Start Shopping for the Everpure 2FC or Other Home Water Filters Online in Australia

Are you searching for the Everpure 2FC or other top-quality home water filtration solutions in Sydney or Perth? You can find exactly what you are looking for online, by browsing the Essential Services website. Email us at service@esss.net.au.