Everpure 4CB5 S – Sydney & Perth, Australia

How the Everpure 4CB5 S Can Help Fuel the Coffee Culture of Australia, from Sydney to Perth and Beyond

In February 2016, Eater, an online magazine geared towards the interests of culinary enthusiasts, published an article about how Australian coffee culture was starting to inspire cafes in the United States. The article opened with a memorable statement that captured Australia’s coffee culture in just a few words. ‘In Australia,’ the article began, ‘coffee isn’t fuel for work—it’s a way of life.’

In the United States and other parts of the world, coffee is valued above all for its caffeine content. Many millions of people drink coffee every single morning in America, but a huge percentage of them do so first and foremost to give themselves a much-needed boost of energy. Waking up early in the morning to go to work is difficult enough. Coffee and the caffeine high that it provides helps to make things somewhat easier.

The Quest for the Best Taste

Because coffee is liquid energy first and culinary delight second, many Americans are willing to drink mediocre coffee if it at least provides that desired caffeine boost. In Australia, though, the same statement would never hold true. As the Eater article discussed, coffee culture is about leisure, relaxation, wellness and social connection. In other words, drinking coffee here isn’t a means to an end (with the end being a jolt of energy). Rather, drinking coffee in Australia is a part of a pleasurable and laidback lifestyle. The caffeine matters less; the flavour matters more.

Indeed, Cisco’s World of Coffee described Australia’s trademark Arabica bourbon variety of coffee as soft in flavour and low on caffeine or bitterness. To bring out these soft and relaxing flavours, though, coffee shops need to do everything they can to maintain the taste. Of course, not burning the coffee is an important step, but so is brewing the coffee in clean and pure water.

At Essential Services, we help cafes and restaurants throughout Australia master the flavour of authentic Australian coffee. We supply countless businesses throughout the country with Everpure water filtration equipment. Filters like the Everpure 4CB5 S—available from our online store in Australia—can remove chlorine tastes and odours that can spoil the taste of coffee and other beverages. Our premium water filters help to ensure the ideal extraction of the grind to create a perfect coffee shot.

Shop for the Everpure 4CB5 S and Other Filters Online in Perth or Sydney

In the United States, coffee is known for being high in caffeine and very bitter. As a result, most coffee shops can get away with using impure water for the grind extraction. The bitterness covers up the bad flavours and odours in the water. Plus, since most people are drinking coffee for caffeine anyway, impure water isn’t something most coffee drinkers worry about too much.

In Australia, restaurants and cafes have to be more careful with the water they use to brew their coffee. Even the slightest taste of chlorine or residue can throw off the entire flavour of a cup of coffee or a shot of espresso. Luckily, by investing in the Everpure 4CB5 S for your café in Perth or Sydney, you can finally complete the quest for the perfect taste.

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