Everpure 7CB5 – Sydney & Perth, Australia

Consider Water Filtration using the Everpure 7CB5 in your Australia Restaurant the Same as Daily Cleaning and Maintenance.

As a restaurant or café owner in Sydney, Perth, or any other Australian city, how much time, money and devotion do you spend on general cleanliness and maintenance of your kitchens and food preparation areas? The answer is probably quite a lot. Today’s guidelines, rules and directives on cleanliness tell us we have to maintain a certain standard. Otherwise, the prepared food may not be safe, and in some cases, they even revoke licenses if you fail to uphold recognised standards. So, you spend considerable resources on making sure your procedures for daily cleaning and maintenance are rigorous and complete.

Have you ever considered how clean your water is? You use water all the time to prepare your food, wash dishes, and use it even in cooking and an essential ingredient in many dishes and beverages. It makes sense then to have water available that is sparkling clean. In many cases, the tap water in many Australian cities just doesn’t cut it. Therefore, you should think about adding an Everpure 7CB5 water filter in your Sydney restaurant.

Reliable and Convenient Water, Free from Impurities and Contaminants

Adding an Everpure 7CB5 filter to your Australia restaurant water supply cannot be easier. Once done, you can then sit back and not worry about the quality of your water. You can be sure that you are reducing the amount of fine dirt particles suspended in the water, thanks to the Everpure’s carbon block filter. This filter has the capability of removing particles as small as five microns, leaving the water crystal-clear.

As well as improving the look of your water, there are also benefits going on that you can’t see with the naked eye. For example, excessive chlorine is removed as well, reducing that familiar taste of chlorine that many people dislike. Everpure even eliminates the distinctive odour of chlorine. The result is a clean, contaminate-free, supply of water suitable for cooking with, and for preparing drinks. The filter, however, does not remove useful components in the water, such as fluoride.

All of this is done just by adding a simple filter in line with your water supply. Once installed, you need not think about your water purification again until it’s time to change the filter. At that point, it’s easily changed, and replacements are readily available from Essential Service’s website. This maintenance is the easy and trouble-free work that restaurant and café owners like.

Improve your Western Australian Water with an Everpure 7CB5 Filter in your Perth Restaurant or Café.

The Everpure filter range is available all over Australia from Essential Service. Products can be ordered online for convenience and delivered quickly. There are also other filters to look at on the website, details of which are all available for you to view. If you have any questions, then we have made it easy for you to contact us. Just fill out the contact form, and we’ll be in touch quickly. We are also available on the phone for any customer queries. Call 1300 361 528 today.