Everpure H-104 – Perth & Sydney, Australia

Utilise the Everpure H-104 System in Australia to Reduce Resource Consumption in Perth and Sydney

It’s a collection of plastic, with bottles stacked haphazardly in the bin, their tally ever-rising. They form a tiny mountain, and when you toss another to the peak, they suddenly topple – sending the containers to the floor. They roll wildly at your feet, covering the tiles in half-peeled labels. You blink, surprised by the sheer amount. You never realised before that you consumed so much water.

Everpure applauds your dedication to hydration. We also, however, warn of the waste generated with every sip from a bottle – with each container claiming space in landfills and demanding countless extraction, production, and transportation resources. The need for clean water is essential. That need can now be fulfilled instead, however, by a filtration system – such as the Everpure H-104 in Australia.

This option delivers pure flavour and safe fluids, reducing tap contaminants (such as rust, giardia, or cryptosporidium). Through its micron-scrubbing process, it provides consumers with the quality they need – without requiring an excess of plastic. Reducing plastic waste is vital to protecting the environment and ensuring long-term sustainability. To learn more about using the Everpure H-104 in Perth or beyond contact us today.

The Environmental Impact: Understanding the Value of Everpure H-104 in Sydney

Plastic bottles wreak havoc on the country. During an exhaustive study, Clean Up Australia charted the effects of consumer consumption (and highlighted the need for Everpure H-104 in Perth):

  • For each tonne of plastic produced, we release three tonnes of carbon dioxide.
  • For every plastic bottle created, we use 250mL of oil.
  • Spring water extraction undermines aquifer flow and reduces flora and fauna growth.
  • Each bottle requires approximately 1,000 years to disintegrate in landfills.

These statistics showcase the impact bottles have on the environment – as well the impact they have on consumer pocketbooks, with those not relying on Everpure H-104 in Sydney paying exorbitant amounts (Clean Up Australia also notes that one litre of water costs as much as two litres of petrol).

An alternative is, therefore, needed – and it comes in the form of Everpure H-104 filtration in Australia.

Examining Everpure H-104 in Perth and Beyond

Boasting an innovative cartridge filtration platform – which reduces impurities through carbon compound activation – the Everpure H-104 in Australia promotes conservation. It enables consumers to eliminate their dependence on bottled waters, freeing tap liquids of unwanted minerals, chlorine odours, and dangerous microns. It carefully strips away unwanted chemicals to ensure safe and flavourful hydration.

Through its durable design, the Everpure H-140 system in Sydney replaces up to 600 bottles of water a year – significantly reducing waste and promoting smarter resource distribution. Water filtration promises long-lasting impacts for both the environment and the nation.

Allow us to demonstrate the value of the H-140. To learn more about this system contact us today by phone (1-300-361-528), by email (service@esss.net.au), or via our convenient online form.