Everpure PBS-400 – Sydney & Perth, Australia

Keep Your Coffee On Point in Sydney and Perth with Everpure PBS-400 Filters from Essential Services, an Authorised Distributor for Australia

From the original coffee houses that dotted Europe and attracted intellectuals to today’s world of a coffee shop on nearly every corner, baristas have been striving to deliver a higher level of quality and service. It’s no wonder that people the world over love a good cup of caffeinated coffee, whether to start their day or to take a relaxing break. Now more than ever, though, special blends and roasts and even unique types of coffee beans are reaching a wide audience. If you operate a coffee shop of your own, then you know just how important it is to exercise total control over one of the most important ingredients after the bean: the water.

Using the right filter, like the Everpure PBS-400, for your Sydney coffee shop is essential. Between removing up to 99.95% of impurities in the water coming to your shop and its ability to maintain a high flow rate (so you never have to worry during the morning rush), these units are among the best in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a new filter or a replacement Everpure PBS-400 cartridge, Essential Services has what you need in one convenient online shop. Before you buy, though, what other advantages does the PBS-400 bring to your coffee?

Using the Everpure PBS-400 in your Sydney shop equals great coffee

To put it simply, using a filter from Everpure yields a superior extraction every single time. That’s because the water that comes straight out of the tap is often laden with impurities and dissolved solids which, while fine for plain drinking water, can massively affect the end product your shop produces. Who wants to sip on their espresso and get a whiff of chlorine, or an “off” taste you can’t quite figure out? Certainly not your customers! That’s why the Everpure PBS-400 is used across Australia to deliver a superior taste when it comes to water.

Filtering the water you use with your machines reduces your overall maintenance needs as well. The more impurities you remove from the water at the word go, the less mineral build-up will occur in your machines. This means no frustrating delays in the middle of a rush when a machine breaks down and requires a deep clean before it can brew again.

Shop for filters and more with Essential Services today

Take the extra steps necessary to ensure that your coffee shop customers always receive the best product you can offer. With how much good coffee depends on pristine water, you’ll want to ensure that a Everpure PBS-400 is in your Perth shop working hard for you. We encourage you to explore all that Essential Services has to offer here on our website, include many compatible and authorised filter cartridges for your equipment. We understand that quality service is important to our customers, so we maintain a help line around the clock for any issues that may arise. Shop online now, or get in touch with us if you require further details; simply navigate to our Contact Us page.