Everpure S54 – Perth & Sydney, Australia

Enjoy the Crisp Taste of Clean Filtered Water in Your Perth or Sydney Home with the Everpure S54 from Essential Services in Australia

Consider this scenario: it’s late at night, and you wake up totally parched. The only thing on your mind is getting a glass of cool refreshing water, sipping on it, and then heading back to sleep. When you pour yourself a glass from the kitchen tap, though, the taste wakes you right up. Whether it’s the vague taste of chlorine or some other unidentifiable flavour, it isn’t what you wanted. For many of us, tap water isn’t always the best tasting water out there. That’s why you so often see people toting plastic bottles of water instead of carrying a reusable bottle of water from home. With just a simple change to your home, though, you can have the best tasting water yet. With the Everpure S54 in your Perth home, excellent water is just a turn of the tap away.

If you are looking for a replacement filter for an Everpure S54 already in your home, Essential Services makes it easy to find. Superseded by the new Everpure 2FC model, this filter fits all models of the Everpure S54 in Australia already installed, making it easy to swap out for continued quality water. An industry leader, these filters remove up to 99% of common impurities, leaving you with a clear glass of water to enjoy. If you aren’t sold yet, let’s consider a few more reasons as to why you might want to filter the water in your home.

What kind of advantages does the Everpure S54 bring to your Perth home?

First and foremost, the Everpure 2FC has an excellent 0.5 micron filter, meaning it traps even some of the tiniest particles of sediment and dirt which remain in the water as it reaches your tap. In conjunction with its precoat filtration technology, you can easily avoid unwanted tastes like chlorine and salts. The material from which the filter has been manufactured is also made such that it inhibits bacterial growth, keeping your filter working harder and longer without undesirable build-ups.

These filters are used in a wide variety of commercial settings, meaning it’s built to last and tough enough for heavy use. In other words, it’s certainly well suited for home use as well. Who wouldn’t want to be able to have the fresh taste of clean water anytime you want?

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Why keep wasting money on big packs of bottled water when you could get better tasting water right out of your tap? With the 2FC to replace the Everpure S54 in your Sydney residence, you’ll be able to fill up your reusable bottle and enjoy the taste of excellent water all day long. With how important regular hydration is, this can not only save you money but boost your wellbeing as well! We encourage you to explore our full range of offerings. Ordering is easy, and shipping is quick, so you can enjoy a glass of clear water in no time. Visit our contact page should you need to enquire further about anything.