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Why Water Is the Most Unpredictable Ingredient You Use, How Pentair Filters Can Help and Where to Find Them in Perth, Sydney or throughout Australia

It’s easy to think of water as the most consistent ingredient for both home and commercial food or drink preparation. Other ingredients—from sugar to coffee grounds to liquor—can vary in purity and quality, but water is water, right?

Well, not quite. Tap water in Australia is relatively safe compared to that of many other countries around the globe. However, studies have still shown that many different impurities frequently manage to creep into our water. These contaminants can include anything from pesticides to chlorine to trace amounts of illicit drugs and prescription medications. If you are mixing drinks, brewing coffee or preparing food items with tap water, there is also a chance that you are adding these unwanted impurities into the mix.

Keeping Your Water Clean and Pure

Most of us think of water as the most reliable and consistent ingredient for any food or drink concoction. The presence of impurities in most tap water (and, for that matter, bottled water) renders it the opposite: the least predictable ingredient we use regularly.

Luckily, there are ways for both businesses and households to keep their water clean, pure and consistent. At Essential Services, we carry a range of water filtration systems that are designed to reduce impurities in your water before it gets to the faucet or tap. For instance, we are a top supplier for Pentair filters in Australia. These systems use reverse osmosis to filter your water.

The Pentair filters that we sell to customers in Perth, Sydney and other parts of Australia are meant for residential use or light commercial applications. These filters hook into reverse osmosis systems, which use your home or business water pressure to propel water through a special porous membrane. This membrane, along with other filters, works to reduce a range of impurities in the water, including sediment particles and other tougher-to-catch junk like chlorine.

With a Pentair system, you can stop using water filtration pitchers and cease buying bottled water. A good reverse osmosis system will reduce the presence of impurities in your water, starting at the point from which water flows into your home. In other words, every single tap in the house will be receiving clean and pure water. As a result, when the time comes to brew a pot of coffee or make a pizza dough, you can use water from the tap with full peace of mind that it is a clean, reliable ingredient.

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