• Pentair ROmate

    Pentair ROmate Accumulator Tanks

    Pentair ROmate Accumulator Tanks

    The high-performance, high-value vessels for residential and light commercial reverse osmosis applications. Pentair ROmate reverse osmosis permeate storage vessels from Structural reduce costs while maintaining quality. Specially designed for reverse osmosis systems, featuring a Polyethylene inner shell, fiberglass exterior 100% Seamless construction, and the ability to discharge in any position. Structural ROmate vessels feature an exclusive 5 year warranty.

    Model System
    ROmate 15 1″ male NPT 660 410 55 7.5
    ROmate 20 1″ male NPT 820 410 75.2 8.6
    ROmate 40 1″ male NPT 1440 410 153.1 13.6
    ROmate 80 1-1/4″ male NPT 1410 620 329.5 26.4


    In Service Tank Capacity Calculator

    It’s important to understand when selecting a tank for your Water Boost Pump or Reverse Osmosis System, that the capacity shown above is the physical volume of the tank. In service, the actual capacity will change based on your setup. Use the below calculator to understand the actual available capacity that this tank will provide for your application. If you’re unsure, please call us to get advice.


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  • RO Mate Tank Fitting Kit


    Fitting Kit for ROMate Accumulator Tanks. Includes all the fittings needed to connect the tank to plumbing.

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