• Everpure JT

    Everpure JT Sanitising Can (QC2-size)


    The ultimate flushing tool for Pentair Everpure systems. The preferred way to introduce ScaleKleen® scale remover or other sanitizing agents, such as bleach, into all water-using appliances and vending machines.

    • Fits into existing Everpure filter heads
    • Eliminates the need for difficult component disassembly
    • An easy, convenient tool to help you clean and maintain your equipment
    • Recommended by NAMA®

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  • Scalekleen

    Scalekleen 1kg Tub


    Pentair’s proprietary food-grade Everpure ScaleKleen Scale Remover is the smart, environmentally safe way to delime water-using appliances.

    • Restores equipment to peak operating efficiency by removing scale build-up
    • Provides simple, efficient deliming of steam and  warewashing equipment
    • Quickly removes limescale from coffee brewers
    • When used with Everpure JT Cartridge, Kleensteam or HFC-10 products, deliming is accomplished without equipment disassembly

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Filtered Water Equipment and Water Filter Cleaning Solutions

“Water, water, every where, and all the boards did shrink; water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink.”

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Coleridge’s famous and chilling prose tells a sailor’s tale of death and dehydration on the ocean. We call Earth the blue planet because 71% of its surface is covered in water. However, 96% of that water is saline, “nor any drop to drink.” With only a small percentage of fresh, drinking water available, it is critical to optimise its value.

Clean water is a crucial resource that we can preserve and use wisely. Customised, filtered water solutions are available for the home and the food services and hospitality industry to provide fresh tasting, clear water. We have access to the broadest range of Everpure filters in Australia and will work with you to customise your ideal water system.

Optimising your Water Filter Cleaning Solution

Everpure has a water filter cleaning solution for any situation that may arise. For example, reducing lime scale or solids are common issues, especially in an ice machine, coffee maker or other environments continually exposed to water droplets. We offer a unique ingredient option that removes the potential lime scale and other issues inside the filter. Adjusting the filter ingredients allows for less work and unpleasant factors on the user end because you have less to clean and save time.

Proper cleaning and maintenance will not only extend the life of your system; it will provide higher quality water through its use. Replacing filters annually and sanitising the system will produce optimal results. Sanitising reduces disease microorganisms of public importance by 99.999% on adequately cleaned surfaces. Everpure provides a special cartridge to sanitise your system using the existing setup effectively.

Other Filter Solutions

Our water testing is a valuable resource to determine what makes up your water, you probably already know there’s a bit more than hydrogen and oxygen in your glass. Testing your water allows us to formulate a dynamic system that filters what you need and doesn’t charge you for filters or services that won’t benefit your family or business.

We offer filters for bacteria, chlorine and cyst reduction, even de-liming. We have options for low and high-water pressure, for household units as well as systems in commercial kitchens. Mineral content, solids, and hardness can be a tricky issue because you want some minerals in your water to balance alkalinity levels. This is important for taste, especially if using the water to make coffee, produce crystal clear ice cubes and for fountain beverages to enjoy the proper fizz. Additionally, hardness issues and scale build-up result from improper calcium and magnesium levels.

We will customise a cleaning solution for your water filter system. Contact us on 1300 361 528 to learn which filter cleaning solutions will work best for your situation. We only have a limited quantity of our precious water resources; it is our responsibility to maintain our reserves of clean, fresh-tasting, quality water.