Everpure 75S High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System for Steam Ovens


Everpure 75S High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System for Steam Ovens


High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System for Combi-ovens and small steamers. Compact under-bench design that is plug and play.

The Everpure 75S is a 190 Litre per day Reverse Osmosis System for combi-ovens and small steamers. Contained inside a compact frame, this system can be easily wall mounted or installed under counter and commissioned with ease.

System includes: 4FC5 Pretreatment Carbon Filter, High Efficiency GRO-75EN RO Membrane Cartridge, on board RO water storage tank, 4CC Post Treatment Calcite Feed Cartridge and blending valve to balance effluent water mineral content.

  • Improves equipment life and performance by removing 95%+ of all dissolved solids
    that cause scale buildup
  • Especially useful on direct injection combi-ovens and small steamers producing less than 11 litres per hour (lph).
  • Less frequent deliming of equipment means reduced maintenance and service costs.
  • Compact design allows for wall mount, countertop or under counter installation.
  • Heating surfaces maintain peak heat transfer efficiency, reducing cycle times
    and energy consumption.
  • Protects against taste and odor causing contaminants while removing dirt, particulates and dissolved minerals
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean; internal filter parts are never exposed to handling or contamination


Steam equipment are expensive investments and are susceptible to water quality-related damage. Steam is 100 percent water and its mineral content can easily damage combi ovens and steamers by causing corrosion and scale buildup. Mineral scale can be removed, but corrosion is both permanent and irreversible. And most solutions in the steam equipment market address only scale buildup, with little protection against the more serious threat.

The Pentair Everpure 75S High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System is specially designed to help protect combi-ovens and small steamers against both corrosion and scale to extend equipment life, reduce expensive downtime for servicing and avoid potentially costly repairs. The system’s blending valve feature allows users to dial in the desired mineral content based on the water quality.


The Everpure 75S High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System combines a carbon filter, scale inhibition, high efficiency RO membrane, calcite feeder, and blending valve to create the right balance of minerals to help prevent both corrosion and scale formation. Unlike conventional RO systems, which may not have enough alkalinity to prevent corrosion, the 75S System with its
calcite feeder was specifically designed to raise the acid buffering capacity (alkalinity) in the water.

Also, its blending valve makes it easy to dial in the correct water mineral balance to inhibit scale buildup and corrosion. Couple that with its ability to feed minerals to buffer the water, the 75S System is extremely versatile in addressing water quality-related issues in steam applications. This simple, reliable solution meets manufacturers’ target water specifications, reduces premature and/or unexpected warranty claims, increases equipment life, and ensures customer satisfaction.

Everpure 75S Specifications

Daily Production Rate
50.51 gpd (191.20 Lpd)
Overall Dimensions
47.5 cm x 43.1 cm x 26 cm
Inlet Connection
3/8" OD John Guest® fitting
Outlet Connection
3/8" OD John Guest fitting
Wastewater Line Connection
1/4" OD John Guest fitting
Water Supply
1.9 L @ 3.4 – 5.8 bar
Pressure Requirements
40-85 psi (2.7 – 5.8 bar), non-shock
Inlet Temperature
0 – 37.7°C
Inlet TDS
1,000 ppm maximum
Operating Weight
24.04 kgs
Wastewater Production
53 – 75 Lpd @ 414 kPa, 25°C
Wastewater Drain Line Capacity
0.05 gpm (200 ml/m) to open atmosphere
Storage Tank Capacity
2 gallon tank; effective/usable capacity
1 gallon (3.8 L)


Additional information

Weight 16 kg

47.5 cm x 43.1 cm x 26 cm