Everpure CG5-10 Filter Cartridge (5 Micron Carbon Block)

Everpure CG5-10 Filter Cartridge (5 Micron Carbon Block)


5 Micron Carbon Block. Drop-in replacement cartridge for foodservice, office and home applications. Drop-in design fits most 10″ bowls

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Everpure CG5-10 Features

The Everpure CG5-10 is a 5 micron carbon block water filter that reduces dirt and fine particles from drinking water. This filter also effectively reduces unwanted tastes, odour and chlorine and improves the taste of beverages. It's high porosity design gives it a longer life before plugging. This model fits in most 10" bowl housings purchased commonly from hardware or plumbing stores.

How to Change this Filter

To change this filter, turn off your incoming water first and foremost. Unscrew the bowl housing, removing the current used filter and then clean the bowl with soapy water and rinse. Place the new filter into the bowl, align it vertically with the circular guide in the housing cap and screw the bowl back on until it seals. Turn the water back on and run water through the housing to allow all the air to escape. After about 5 litres has passed. Close the tap and check for any leaks. Enjoy!

Additional information

Weight 0.52 kg
Dimensions 250 × 72 × 72 mm
Estimated Capacity

22,000 Litres

Maximum Flow Rate

6.3 Litres per minute