OMNIFilter RV1 RV & Caravan Water Filter System

OMNIFilter RV1 RV & Caravan Water Filter System


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The OMNIFilter RV1 outdoor hydrant water filter is an outdoor water filter for use in motor homes, campers, boats and gardens. Reduces chlorine taste & odour, other tastes and odours, sediment, sand and dirt. Connects to the water supply using any garden hose.

OMNIFilter RV1 Specs

Flow Capacity (Litres): 7200
Flow Rate (LPM): 4
Micron Size: 20
Height (cm): 25
Width (cm): 7

Managing your Tank Water Supply

You should avoid bombing a tank of raw water with chemicals. Sanitising chemicals are designed to keep already clean water cleaner for longer, not to make dirty water clean. Mixing sanitisation chemicals with dirty water is a health hazard of chemical byproducts and tastes and smells awful.

Filtering your water before it enters the tank is essential. You can do this easily with a high quality Everpure or OMNIFilter filter. If you intend to keep the filtered water in the tank for more than 24 hours, we recommend a small dose of sanitisation fluid (at a dosage recommended by the manufacturer of your particular sanitiser) because clean water will not stay clean in your tank for extended periods. You then install a Everpure PBS-200 filter under your sink at the water outlet to remove the chemical before you drink or cook with it to return the water to crystal clear and chemical free.