Simpliflow Twin Water Management System (12 port)

Simpliflow Twin Water Management System (12 port)


Pentair makes it easier for you to manage water lines with its Everpure® SimpliFlow™ System. Less time spent identifying and tracing lines, plus easy shut-off of lines during servicing. Variety of configurations available to meet your customer’s specific needs

The Everpure SimpliFlow Systems rescue your back room from the typical tangled mess of water lines that worsens as your water needs grow and change. This adaptable, simple-to-use beverage line management system provides quick and easy identification of water lines, and helps you organize and manage fluid movement throughout your operation.

Twin Standard Manifold:

• Features two (2) manifolds for a total of 6 inlet options, and up to 12 valve outlets
• Allows for two (2) different water qualities

SimpliFlow Water Management Systems:

• Organize back room water lines
• Manage water by water quality profiles and application
• Easy to install
• Compact footprint
• Easily identify water lines using labels included with each manifold
• Multiple connection options available
• Inlet can be oriented from left, right or bottom of manifold
• Flexible manifold can be rotated 90 degrees within bracket to allow for elbow connections
• Reduce service expense

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

H: 457mm W: 229mm D: 153mm