SHURflo Pumps – Sydney & Perth, Australia

Keep Your Restaurant’s Water Pressure Levels Consistent and Strong, with SHURflo Pumps in Sydney, Perth or Other Parts of Australia

During peak hours at your restaurant, it goes without saying that you need a full staff to keep things moving. However, you also need something else: steady and consistent water pressure. Water is an essential resource for every single business in the food service industry, and for a variety of different reasons.

Indeed, you need water to prepare food. You need water to wash dishes. You need water to make coffee or keep your soft drink dispenser running dependably. You need filtered water to make sure that you are serving good-tasting table water to your guests after they sit down to eat. You need water to keep your ice dispenser going.

How Low Water Pressure Slows Down Your Business

In short, you need water for nearly everything your restaurant does. That sizeable need makes it that much more frustrating when you have water pressure problems. However, city water systems are often inconsistent in terms of pressure and flow. Sometimes, water pressure might be just fine. Other times, it might sputter to little more than a trickle.

Needless to say, when water pressure is low, your restaurant can’t operate at peak efficiency. Filling pitchers or glasses of water takes two or three times as long as it should. Water-dependent equipment like dishwashers and ice machines don’t operate as they should. Making coffee or preparing other beverages becomes a chore.

Indeed, steady water flow seems like such a given, such a fundamentally important part of a restaurant, that many food service businesses take it for granted. When water pressure starts to fluctuate or diminish, then, you are suddenly put in a position of having to operate your business without a fundamental element. The result is a bit like running with a broken leg.

Give Your Water Pressure a Boost, with SHURflo Pumps from Australia’s Essential Services

Luckily, your restaurant doesn’t have to be at the mercy of city water as far as pressure and flow rate are concerned. At Essential Services, we sell SHURflo water pumps in Perth, Sydney and throughout Australia. These pumps are designed to give your restaurant’s water pressure a much-needed boost. SHURflo systems use accumulator tanks (to store extra water), and water boost pumps (to propel the extra water into the flow of city water). The result is faster water flow to one or more taps or valves in your restaurant.

Our SHURflo pumps can keep your Sydney or Perth restaurant operating at full speed—even when the flow rate of your city water system slows to a trickle. Essential Services also carries a variety of water filtration systems, which you can implement to deliver purer, better-tasting water to your drink dispensers or coffee machines. SHURflo pumps will keep up the water pressure and flow rate even when a filter is added to the system.

Are you interested in purchase a SHURflo pump in Sydney, Perth or any other area in Australia? Essential Services can help you choose the right pump and accumulator tank for your restaurant or café. Call us today on 02 6280 0301 to learn more.