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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Not that long ago, most foodservice operators offered a limited beverage menu. A quick-service restaurant might have five-six carbonated drinks, with maybe one non-carb. A convenience store might offer a few fountain beverages and maybe two FCB flavours. Today, QSRs and C-stores have multiple coffee machines, blended Ice Machines, multiple FCB’s, combi-steam ovens and multiple banks of 8-10 head post-mix machines.

New equipment and beverage lines create challenges

Expanding beverage menus mean more equipment than ever in food service. This can require more water lines to manage, and more time for service dealers to identify and trace lines, costing you money. In a restaurant today, it’s not uncommon to find:

  • New beverage lines tangled with old lines
  • Poor or no identification of lines
  • No shut-off valves on lines
  • Hard-plumbed lines with little or no flexibility

This can lead to:

  • An unsightly and inefficient mess of lines in the back of the house
  • Higher service costs
  • More possibility of an error during equipment servicing
  • Longer equipment downtime during service and maintenance
  • Higher costs to add more beverage equipment in the future

To make it easier for you to manage water lines, Pentair developed the Everpure SimpliFlow System

The Everpure SimpliFlow System:
  • Provides easy management of ingredient water distribution lines, keeping your operation more efficient and organised
  • Reduces your services costs, and lessens your beverage equipment downtime during service
  • Includes four different systems, with models ranging from one manifold with six outlet valves up to four-manifolds with a total of 24 outlet valves. Each manifold can be used for a particular type of treated water (RO, Carbon Filtered, Scale Inhibitor Dosed, etc.
  • Is easy to install and requires no maintenance
  • Offers multiple valves and fitting options that are easy to install and change as needed

Simpliflow Installed

This installation by Platinum Restaurant Services caught our eye recently as one of the neatest installations we’ve seen. At the centre of the plumbing is the Everpure Simpliflow.

Brad Fitzgerald told us, “being our first full store beverage/filtration installation we wanted to ensure that we provided a finished product that was both easy to identify but also simplified in itself with the reduction of joins. The use of a cable tray enables this by allowing cable tying of bunches of pipes into a neat bend, thus reducing the joining of pipes and less risk long term of potential leak areas. The use of the Everpure Quad and MRS 600 units makes the installation that much simpler with their installation guides. With the space provided in the filtration room, we were able to provide an area that will be easy for both reactive and preventative maintenance and also allow for future growth.”

It’s fair to say this won’t be the last of Brad’s handy work.

To find out more about Simpliflow or other Everpure products seen, contact us or browse in our shop.