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The secret behind McDonald’s Coca Cola is revealed

Mainstream media has latched on to Mark Proffit’s blog this week, where he reveals the secrets of McDonald’s great-tasting Coke. He reveals what we’ve known for decades, quality soft drink needs quality water filters.

Most people have been to a fast-food chain and received a coke with their meal. Or perhaps you’ve ordered a Coke from a restaurant, pub or bar?

Mark outlines why McDonald’s is known for great-tasting Coke. You may not agree that Macca’s has the best, but the secret of achieving the best tasting soft drinks has long been a specialty of Essential Services and Everpure.

Mark outlines that one of the keys is quality water filtration, and McDonald’s makes sure it has ‘gold standard’ filtration methods. Everpure and its distributors have been supplying McDonald’s globally with water filters for decades to achieve the best-in-class execution of soft drinks. It’s not only Coke that gets the benefit; Everpure also delivers quality water for coffee, steam ovens and ice making.

Water contaminants are the most likely reason for off-tastes and odours in a soft drink. Municipalities use chlorine or chloramines to disinfect central water supplies and those chemicals oxidize and break down sugars in water. Those reactions produce a range of different compounds that can negatively influence the taste of a beverage. In addition, because free chlorine is a gas, it dissipates along with the carbonation after a drink is poured, creating a “chlorine” smell.

If you want to serve your customers high-quality soft drinks, get in touch and learn how Everpure 7FC and Everpure 4FC filter systems can improve the taste of your soft drinks. Everpure systems are able to be installed by your plumber or can be arranged through our national service/installation team.

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