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Water Filtration

I wonder if you’ve ever considered how much of your food and beverage contains water…

Water is an unknown and unpredictable ingredient. As it travels from the source to your tap, it collects organics, silt, metals and minerals from pipework and fittings delivering them to your food and beverages.

Chlorine plays an essential role in the journey of water; it kills organics, tastes and aromas in the water to ensure it’s safe to drink… but it gets a bit eager; when added to food and beverage it continues its work and can alter aroma and taste. It oxidizes aromatics and oils, increasing a beverage’s acidity and attacks flavours in food.

But crystal clear, ingredient water is only the beginning. Water causes serious damage…

The mineral and silt in water can cause scale, corrosion and abrasion damage, resulting in costly equipment downtime.

It’s not just the damage that’s costing you, scaling of heating elements can reduce energy efficiency in equipment by 50% or more, costing you thousands of dollars annually in higher power bills.

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Our Philosopy

While most owners and managers appreciate the benefits of having clean water, determining what products are needed, getting them installed, and maintaining them can take time and effort. This is why we’ve developed Total Water Management. With this proven and turn-key program we test and analyse your water, survey your operation, determine your needs, apply the proper products, and help with a maintenance program. We do the work, you enjoy the benefits.

Survey Your Operation

We test your water to determine the specific filtration required. Because we’re a full service business, we also survey your operation to ensure it is installed in the most effective way.

Determine The Best Solution

With all the information we’ve gathered, we design the most effective water management solution for your needs and objectives

Complete Implementation

We’re a unique business with multiple trades on hand. We implement the whole solution from start to finish guaranteeing the workmanship.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

This is our most important step. Keeping your business running without downtime or inefficient equipment. We provide ongoing preventative and emergency maintenance to keep you in business.

Why Choose Us


You can expect an all-inclusive solution, beginning with an initial consultation through to commissioning, staff training and after sales service. We maintain everything we install and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your equipment is reliable, cost effective, and safe to operate and enjoy.


At Essential Services we carefully consider ‘total life cycle cost’ for any goods or services that we provide.


Our broad supplier base offers a range of products that provide long term benefits to your business.

We Care About Every Drop


Forgetting a filter service can put you out of business with blocked incoming water. You could also be bypassing untreated water unknowingly, damaging your equipment. Essential Services knows when all our filters need replacing and we offer an automatic shipment program to keep your water quality and performance at its best.


A 24-hour emergency service line ensures timely responses to emergency repairs, minimising the impact to your business.


Purchase any product, any time. Get what you need fast.

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