Water Filtration for Home Drinking Water

We all know that drinking plenty of water is essential for good body function. It’s widely accessible in our homes and workplaces and we highly recommend, rather than buy bottled water, that you filter your own. You can easily produce thousands of litres of your own bottled quality water with Everpure home water filters.

Everpure home water filters improve drinking water quality by:

  • Reducing chlorine, chloramines and other unwanted chemicals that can affect the taste and odour of water,
  • Reducing cysts and other potentially harmful contaminants,
  • Reducing particulates that cause cloudy water.

Let us help you deliver a virtually unlimited supply of clean, crisp, refreshing water for you, your family, your staff and your customers to drink on demand.

Start by choosing how you want to install your Water Filter
If you already have a system, just browse for the right filter below.

Separate Tap Just for Drinking

undersink filter
Cost Effective Replacement Filters, Compact undersink when space is limited

Plumbed to a separate filtered water tap is the most common way you will see a filter installed at home. The reason these filters require a separate tap is because the water passes through these filters slowly (about 2 litres per minute) to remove contaminants. This system is appropriate if you use filtered water for drinking and light cooking and you don’t mind drilling a hole in your sink or bench-top for a small tap to be installed. It is also the most cost effective and space effective way to install a water filter because the replacement filters are generally cheaper and more compact.

High Flow to your Sink Mixer

High Flow Filter
No installation holes in Sinks or Benchtops, Filtered Water Fast for Pots, Jugs and Kettles

The major advantage of a high flow filter is you will not need to drill any holes in your nice sink or bench top to install a second small tap. The high flow filter is discrete under your sink and plumbs directly into your existing mixer tap cold line.

These high flow filters deliver up to 9 litres per minute and provide filtered water for drinking, cooking and to fill appliances like kettles and coffee machines.