Made Fresh Daily.

Dedicated Water Filter Tap

We all know that drinking plenty of water is essential for good body function. It’s widely accessible in our homes and we highly recommend, rather than buy bottled water, that you filter your own. You can produce thousands of litres of your own bottled quality water with Everpure. Made fresh daily, at your place.


Home water filter system with dedicated tap

If you tour the kitchen at a world renowned restaurant, you’re very likely to see the Everpure name. Everpure is the industry leader that professional chefs trust most for excellence in water filtration. You’ll also find Everpure in thousands of coffee shops, cafes and fast food outlets all doing the same thing. Delivering better than bottled quality water to serve customers in beverages.Have you considered how much you spend a year on bottled water? And what you would do with the pantry and fridge space if you didn’t have slabs of bottled water? The foodservice industry for decades has been producing its own quality water and so can you. You can make it fresh every minute of every day, no storage, no bottles, no running out. A $115 Everpure water filter can produce about a years* worth of drinking water. That’s around 2c a litre. Make the switch today and produce your own quality water at home.

Installation and Operation Guide