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Simple. Discrete. Fast

Inline High Flow Filter System

No Holes in Bench tops or Sinks

Reflection of Sustainability and Wellness

Fast Water Flow

The major advantage of an in-line high flow water filter is no holes in your nice sink or bench top to install a second small tap

The little things that bring daily functional benefits are a reflection of your brand and values.

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The new EF-Series of full flow drinking water systems brings commercial-grade filtration anywhere in your home using our proprietary Fibredyne technology.

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New Home & Kitchen Builders

There are so many premium, commercial grade features a builder can add to a kitchen, but few embody a wellness lifestyle, environmental sustainability and daily functional benefit than an Everpure commercial grade water filter system. Dispense bottled quality water from your mixer every minute of every day for drinking, cooking, making ice, coffee and tea and much more.

The new EF-Series fits virtually anywhere in the new home: bathroom, kitchen, over oven pot-filler, bar, outdoor kitchen, built-in coffee & espresso machine, behind the fridge for the ice maker— you name it! Everpure commercial-grade water filtration is versatile and available wherever you are using and consuming water.

The major advantage of an Everpure in-line high flow water filter is you will not need to drill any holes in the new sink or bench top to install a second small tap. The filter is discrete under the sink and plumbs directly into the mixer tap cold line. This filter delivers up to 9 litres per minute to match most mixer flow rates.

Include wellness and sustainability as part of your kitchen.