Steam Oven Water Filters

When water turns to steam, everything else sticks to the machine

Not meeting water quality standards can often void a warranty. Water can have a significant affect on steam equipment, including limescale and corrosion. This is why most steam manufacturer warranties include a water specification, and recommend or require some form of water treatment. Manufacturers know from experience that equipment problems can often be traced to issues caused by poor water quality.

Continuous availability of high quality water is critical to optimal steam equipment operation. If your area’s water is hard, contains chemicals or other contaminants of any significant level, they can coat and corrode the steaming components. Scale buildup and possible chemical carryover can deteriorate steamer performance, negatively impact food quality, and result in premature steamer component failures.

Regardless of whether you use boilerless or boiler-based steam equipment, when water is converted to steam, contaminants are left behind that can cause scale and corrosion. Chlorine and chlorides can destroy stainless steel probes and prematurely corrode cabinet racks and surfaces.

Steam Oven protection for Low Hardness Areas

5 Micron Particulate Filtration | Hydroblend Phosphate Feeder | Chlorine Reduction

Everpure® Kleensteam

Total water treatment system for steam applications, delivering high quality filtered water with cleaning and deliming capabilities.

  • Sophisticated Hydroblend compound prevents limescale formation in high temperature steam applications
  • Fine filters incoming water to improve the performance, maximize energy efficiency and increase the life of steam equipment
  • Reduces chlorine-induced corrosion
  • System is simple to install, operate and maintain
  • Easy deliming with Everpure ScaleKleen, which is fed directly into the boiler through the SR-X bowl without boiler disassembly or the use of dangerous acids
  • Longer-lasting Everpure SS-10 Cartridge is more effective in higher alkalinity/hardness/TDS/temperature installations
  • ScaleStick(R) is NSF Certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only

Steam Oven protection for Mid to High Hardness Areas

Top tier filtration for premium water quality and equipment protection

Claris Ultra

The Everpure Claris Ultra is the world’s first filter cartridge family designed using a new, patent-pending water filtration and conditioning technology which effectively combines mineral reduction and corrosion protection within one compact unit. As a result, Claris Ultra helps you achieve the best quality water for use in steam ovens.

Benefits of Claris Ultra

  • Effectively prevents scale formation on boilers
  • Prevents corrosion of machine parts caused by aggressive water as well as depositing corrosion-induced metal complexes (ferrous iron, lead, copper, cadmium, mercury) on machine parts.
  • Avoids sudden pH drops from decarbonisation filters and maintains optimal pH levels
  • Eliminates undesirable cloudiness, organic impurities and chlorine, off-taste and odor residues in the water (integrated activated carbon block filter).
  • Ensures the lowest operation costs, less machine downtime and repairs.
  • Prevents metal migration of particularly sensitive machine parts.
  • Provides a filter family with the widest capacity range.
  • Features a small footprint – ideal for use when space is at a premium.
  • Offers lower pressure drop and higher throughput.
  • The Everpure Claris Ultra’s flexible design makes it easy to use in different mounting positions – wall mounted, free-standing, horizontal or vertical positions.
  • The Claris Ultra is easy to install and easy to maintain with quick-change replacement cartridges.

Reverse Osmosis Systems for problematic water conditions.

For high total dissolved solids, hard to manage water areas

EVERPURE® Reverse Osmosis for Steam Equipment

Everpure systems provide up to 50 percent water savings compared to conventional RO. Designed specifically for steam applications. For production selection to suit your needs, contact our team to test your water and provide a product recommendation.

Small Footprint

Fits neatly under bench

50% Water Savings

vs conventional reverse osmosis systems

Scale and Corrosion Protection

Multi-stage system to cover all bases

Control at your fingertips

Blend valve to balance mineral content

About Everpure

Pentair Everpure is one of the most recognized brands amongst foodservice operators and facilities managers, and one of the most trusted brands by those who serve the foodservice industry, including consultants, dealers, service providers, and original water-using equipment manufacturers. Pentair Everpure’s expansive portfolio of technologies and products are designed to be right-sized to deliver the exact water quality spec needed to meet operator’s ingredient and process water requirements.